Graphical Debugger Interface for the Bochs PC Emulator
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Compile Bochs 2.x with "--enable-debugger --enable-disasm --disable-readline" along with any other options you may want. Binary packages of Bochs do not have the debugger compiled in and will not work with BFE, you must compile Bochs yourself.

You must have a valid .bochsrc file in the current directory or in your home directory. Setting the panic, error, info or debug actions to "ask" in the .bochsrc file will cause BFE to lockup.

	panic: action=fatal
	error: action=report
	info:  action=ignore
	debug: action=ignore

Why does BFE lockup when I click "Start Bochs"?

You must first get Bochs to work. Try running `bochs -q` from the same directory you're running BFE from. You should see something like this:

                       Bochs x86 Emulator 2.4.5
              Build from CVS snapshot, on April 25, 2010
00000000000i[     ] reading configuration from .bochsrc
Next at t=0
(0) [0xfffffff0] f000:fff0 (unk. ctxt): jmp far f000:e05b         ; ea5be000f0

Bochs >=2.4.6 probably won't work with BFE, use 2.4.5 if you can't get BFE to work.

The CVS page has a downloadable tarball of the latest source.
[unknown]bochs-2.4.5.ebuild  2.9kBGentoo ebuild for Bochs 2.4.5
[unknown]bochs-debugger-2.4.5.ebuild  2.0kBGentoo ebuild for Bochs debugger
[unknown]bfe2-20100519.ebuild  1.0kBGentoo ebuild for BFE
[archive]bfe2-19may2010.tar.gz  37.5kBBochs 2.4.5 support
[archive]bfe2-23jul2003.tar.gz  26.4kBAdded EBP offset to stack and fixed two stack related bugs.
[archive]bfe2-24jan2003.tar.gz  25.6kBBochs 2.0 and Gtk+ 1.2/2.0 support (does not support 1.x versions of Bochs). Rewrote a lot of the code, added a couple new features and fixed many bugs that were never found in the xforms version.
[archive]bfe-15nov2002.tar.gz  21.6kBLast XForms release of BFE. Works with Bochs 1.4, does not work with 2.0. Bochs must be configured with "--enable-debugger --enable-disasm --disable-readline".